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Posted on Jan 22, 2019 8:03:00 AM

Bringing some nostalgia and a refreshing read, Brett Grischo with Explore Communications is treating us with a guest post this week. Enjoy!

When did you start listening to music? Personally, I grew up liking KISS only because my buddies all did. My parents were thrilled to take me to the library to let me check out records from other bands with the promise of buying me an album that I liked better than KISS. I narrowed the bands down to Queen and Aerosmith and ended up picking Toys in the Attic. Who knew I had such good taste at a young age (despite my friends teasing me for also liking the Monkees)?

With that said, I really didn’t get deep into music until well into my twenties. Once I lived in downtown Chicago and could walk around the corner to hear some of the world’s best blues music, I got really hooked. Besides blues, I liked rock and alternative the best, but have tried to be open minded.

These days, I still like my rock, alternative and blues, but also dip into jazz, punk, rockabilly, folk and whatever you call old school, such as Sinatra and Ray Charles. Just last week I saw the Temptations (yes, one original member is still alive and in the band)!

Music is good for the soul. And its everywhere. Background at the office, turned up to 11 at the house party, jamming in the car, playing from the jukebox, pacing the workout on the earbuds, streaming from the computer and best of all, live on stage! With the SuperBowl around the corner, many people are more interested in the National Anthem and the halftime show than the actual game (not to mention the commercials – many of which will feature music from top artists).

When you are buying a new home (like I did with TJCrealestate), part of the process includes choosing your home theater and sound system. Nowadays, there are simple and less intrusive solutions such as buying a Sonos system. Plug in speakers all over the house, connect to the Internet and your favorite streaming music services and you are all set!

As an advertising agency specializing in media planning and buying (Explore Communications), our livelihood depends on advertisers targeting consumers with commercials, including on the radio and streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora. However, as a homeowner, I highly recommend you pay the reasonable monthly fee to eliminate commercials so you can jam away at home and on your mobile devices uninterrupted.

Once you are set up in your new home with a music system and service, encourage your kids to take control of the playlist. This is how I recently found out my 13-year old is into rap music. Which brings up a whole other fun family discussion about censoring music (in my house, anything goes with music – its art!). If that’s not within your comfort zone, you can monitor and SKIP with ‘parent-phones’ but be ready for lots of rolling eyes from your kiddo.

One of the great things about living in Stapleton and other area neighborhoods are the summer live concert series held in the community parks. These family friendly events can introduce your kids to a variety of music without worries of hitting the SKIP button. In the meantime, during the cold winter months, get the family together and have a jam fest at home. Let the music take over and discover what everyone under your roof likes – you might learn something new. Like me – I’m chillin to some Comethazine and Lil Skies, yo. Trying not to hit the SKIP button…

Brought to you by Brett Grischo , founder of Explore Communications

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